How to Play Online Blackjack Live Dealer

Learn the rules and gameplay of live dealer blackjack. Read this comprehensive guide to know the features of the game.

Live dealer games are incredibly fun to play. They give players a chance to enjoy a realistic gaming experience offered by traditional land-based casinos. One of the common live dealer games that you will find at most betting sites is the live dealer blackjack. We will explain how the game is played in detail in this article. Check out the best online casinos to join at .

Before we discuss the gameplay of Live Blackjack, we will first explain how live dealer games work generally. Live casino games are hosted in the studios of game developers, and with the use of top-notch technologies, the video feed is sent to players devices. This way, you can play the game as if you are actually at the tables with the real human dealer that anchors it.

How to Play

Several variations of live casino blackjack are featured by top online casinos. Nevertheless, their gameplay and objective are pretty much the same as traditional blackjack games. This means that the goal is to defeat the dealer, and this can happen when you have a higher total value hand but not exceeding 21. Online Live blackjack is played with one or more deck of cards depending on the particular variant.

Exceeding 21 in blackjack is called Burst and it means that you've lost the game. In live blackjack, there is a timer that indicates the period for placing bets. Once the timer counts down, no more bets are allowed for the game round. Once your bets are placed, you will get two cards and the dealer will take two cards. You can then continue the game using the play actions.

Play Actions in Live Blackjack

Blackjack has several play actions, but the four primary ones are Stand, Hit, Double Down and Split. The Stand is used when you are satisfied with your current hand and don't want an extra card. The Hit is used to get an extra card to improve the value of the hand. Double Down is an action that allows you to double your original bet amount.

The Split is a sort of special action that works only when your first two cards are a pair. With Split, you can split the cards to form two hands for a single game round and get a chance to win from both hands. However, the Split action instantly doubles the bet amount when used. You can play live blackjack in free mode to test the playing actions and become familiar with the gameplay.


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